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NewsTap (Usenet Newsreader) app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 6960 ratings )
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Developer: Alexander Clauss
3.99 USD
Current version: 5.3.1, last update: 10 months ago
First release : 07 Oct 2008
App size: 5.17 Mb

NewsTap is a powerful Usenet Newsreader for the iPad, iPhone and the iPod Touch.

- Optimized for offline usage, so you can read and write news articles without an internet connection

- Its easy and simple to subscribe, manage and read news groups.

- Filters (also known as "Killfile") can automatically mark articles as read or mark them with a certain color.

- The application fully supports the portrait and landscape mode.

- Support for binary groups (photos and other files). Photos and pictures can be displayed directly. Its possible to add photos into the photo album or open them in other Apps.

- Quotes are displayed in different colors. Colors are also used to distinguish between read and unread articles, filtered articles.

- Hyperlinks are automatically detected and can be opened in a web browser.

- Optimized article layout for the small iPhone display. The original article layout is also available.

- Navigate within the articles from within the thread view or simply by flipping to the next/previous article with your finger.

- A graphical „tree view“ visualizes a complete discussion and makes it super-easy to follow and participate discussions.

- Its possible to hide articles that are already read and to hide quotes.

- Sync the read/unread states of the articles using a „newsrc“ file with other usenet client. The sync can be done via SFTP, WebDAV, Dropbox and iCloud.

- Post new articles or send followups.

- Build-in help, which explains all the application features.

For more screenshots please look at the developers web site.

Pros and cons of NewsTap (Usenet Newsreader) app for iPhone and iPad

NewsTap (Usenet Newsreader) app good for

I find it veru useful to have a real NNTP reader on my iPhone, so that I dont have to rely on Google Groups, and I get offline reading... Thanks!
The best usenet newsreader for the iPhone OS. Developed by Alexander Clauss with love for details and functionality (like iCab), it has everything one can wish in a newsreader. Now, with support for more news servers, it has become even better. I use it often, especially while traveling, and it is a pleasure.
Ive been wanting this since Day 1 of the iPhone 3G and even thought about buying a Mac so I could develop one. But I kept hoping someone would write one eventually and it was a very nice surprise to find that app a few weeks ago. I first downloaded the Lite version 1.2 to test it with the two private servers I access every day but to no avail. After a few email exchanges with the author, he was able to accomodate me and add a fallback for those servers that are not 100% compliant. So now with 1.3, I can finally say I have NNTP access wherever I go and it is great. The app is surprisingly fast, handles small binaries posts (like a 250k JPG) perfectly and this tree window is out of this world. Nice touches like filters and groups descriptions and custom sort are way cool. Also, threaded view works great but that brings me to my only serious wish: a different sort order. I would much prefer sorting the threads by date and not alphabetically. The newer the threads original post, the higher up it appears. Another nice to haves: - a way to navigate to the next unread post directly - multi-line signature All in all, a terrific app at that price. Thanks!
for such a small screen and device this makes newsgroups surprisingly easy. I love keeping track of all my resources when away. Two suggestions I would make; first is the backup feature, why no linux/windows love? second, Id like to suggest a "mark as read" for all groups.. I frequently have to clear each one, and reload groups if I havent used the app for a bit.
I was happy to find and app that let me follow technical newsgroups on my iPhone as I dont have a newsreader at work anymore. Quick and easy to configure and use, I like it very much for this use. It is lacking binary support as others have noted but I dont need it personally. Thank to the developer for this very useful app !
One of the worst apps Ive ever bought. Update: much improved after the most recent update. Thanks

Some bad moments

Not all functions work on IPad - reader is slow - but ok for low data posts _ does not clear read cache so you have to keep deleting group - with a few tweeks this should be great Cheers
Most shortcomings noted by other reviewers, but most annoying for me is lack of binary support. I access newsgroups to get e-books; ePub and mobi files are filtered by Newstap. Fail!
Junk, pure and simple. Support so elementary as to be laughable.
Barely works. Forget about it if want to get jpgs. The author should flat out say doesnt work for pics. Yenc pics are distorted beyond recognition and the filters dont work. Its the only game out there. Buyer beware!
If you actually want to USE usenet, then avoid this app. Its slow, clunky, is NOT user-friendly, and is almost useless for binaries.
Great idea but doesnt display images from the newsgroups. Waste of time.